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Preco Electronic's PreView 5.8Ghz range of radars includes the PreView Plus, PreView WorkSight and PreView WorkZone. These solid-state radars feature utilise a pulse-Doppler radar technology that transmits and receives low power 5.8GHz radar signals, which then processes the returned signals to determine if an object has reflected any energy back to the sensor and reports this to the operator display. The system detects both moving and stationary objects in a pre-defined coverage area and reports the distance of the closest object via visual range indicators and an audible signal to the vehicle operator.

These radars are suitable for a wide range of heavy mobile equipment or machinery in a range of industries including fleets in mining, construction, utilities, waste, and transport. The 5.8Ghz frequency band is compliant with FCC Part 15.249 (5,725 - 5,875MHz), which could be more suitable for those countries that do not allow the 24Ghz frequency bands.

Brands include: Preco Electronics (PreView)