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Preco Electronic's PreView 24Ghz Sentry and Side Defender radar systems employ a radar technology called Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) that detects both moving and stationary objects. This technology blends Doppler radar and Pulsed radar to maximize functionality and performance while minimizing limitations. One of the most important differences between FMCW and Doppler radar is FMCW’s ability to detect stationary objects.

The way FMCW operates, allows it to legally transmit at a much higher power than other radar technologies, resulting in longer-range detection capabilities. This ability to detect far-away objects is particularly important when the radar is used on very large heavy mobile equipment and machinery or vehicles traveling at higher speeds.

With its ability to detect both stationary and moving objects, locate objects in all three dimensions, and detect far-away objects, FMCW radars are rapidly becoming the preferred standard for improved vehicle safety, and safety on work sites and roads.

Brands include: Preco Electronics (PreView)