Case Study: LY400 Walkway / Conveyor Fixture

Voltage: 120-240V AC

The LY400 walkway/conveyor fixture is a very good 1-for-1 substitute for traditional 70W HPS or 80W MV light sources. Maintaining 40 lux minimum standards on traditional 6 meter conveyor spacings and with the added peace of mind of emergency back-up as standard feature ensures this unit will keep your site well lit with or without power, providing personnel a minimum of 90 minutes for safe egress from the area.

This fixture has a batwing light pattern that makes it suitable for conveyors and walkways. It is available in pole mount as well as surface mount and the unit can also be supplied in a green light source for eye wash stations. It comes standard with 5 metres of flex cable to enable chasing the cable down any pole achievable.